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Our Process:

1 – Submit your project request in the following ways:

    • Through our Website
    • Through your designated Astoria Sales Representative
    • Submit your specifications in email format to
    • Call 954.623.6600 and ask for assistance for your project

ASTORIA IS A CUSTOM SEATING AND CASE GOODS FURNITURE MANUFACTURER!! We can make (almost) anything your project requires. Send us specifications for your project already created, we can interpret most items. Hand/digital draw your items with dimensions, Width, Height, and Depth, and design intent, and we’ll come up with a solution for as minimal as one item or thousands!

2 – Quotes are typically returned in 72 hours from the end of the day received. For more difficult and detailed specification packages this could take longer. Likewise, for simpler quotes, they could take less time. Any item deemed not within our expertise and capabilities will be NO BID.

3 – Quote approved by client and Purchase Order issued to Astoria

    • Order acknowledged by Project Management and accepted by Astoria based on mutually agreed expectations for manufacturing and timelines.
    • Pro-forma Deposit invoice generated by Astoria Business Management Office
    • Welcome Letter with expectations, mock timelines for shop drawings, finish approvals, COM receipt expectations, production timelines, packaging and shipping timelines, and delivery timelines.
    • Production timeline begins from the time ALL approvals have been signed off on by client. Typical production timelines are 4 weeks for samples, and 8-10 weeks for full production. Any other timelines due to complexity of project, including metal work and any special finishes or components, discussed up front and agreed upon prior to acceptance of Purchase Order

4 –  Project Management is done in our Pompano Beach Headquarters facility. 85% of all of our manufacturing is done in the US and Mexico.

5 – Quality Control is also handled in our Pompano Beach Headquarters facility with routine trips to our factory facilities in North Carolina and Mexico. We also have manufacturing in Vietnam and Spain.

6 – Updates including pictures during the manufacturing process are done approximately twice a month and as new milestones are hit in the project process. Some projects request updates once a week. These types of updates are done on a case by case and as needed based on the project.

7 – 2 weeks prior to shipment a proforma invoice for balance is sent to the purchasing agent. Goods are not usually shipped prior to receiving final balance unless special terms have been agreed to by purchasing agent and Astoria Business Management Office.

8 – Final QC is completed and pictures sent of final products outside of the packaging and then once loaded onto freight carrier.

9 –  Delivery timelines are given to purchasing agents as well as coordinated with those purchasing agents when purchasing agent managing their own shipments.

10 –  Close out letter and survey of Astoria Service letter sent to client to find out how we managed your expectations.

Repeat the process with another new Astoria Furniture Project!